Sr. No. Component In-house Facility
1. Pump assembly & testing Mechanized assembly lines, computerized pump testing
2. OFC 8.0 mm Cu rods Cu up-casting line
3. Auto skewed/stacked laminations 700 strokes/minute high speed presses, de-carb annealing continuous furnace
4. Magnet wires PVC coated, PE2+PA12 wrapped wires – both facilities
5. Supply cables Complete line
6. Impellers, diffusers Injection moulding lines + ultra sonic welding machines
7. SS castings In house foundry
8. PVC pipes Complete extrusion lines
9. Wound stators Mechanized winding lines
10. Die cast rotors Pressure die casting lines
11. Shaft Wedge forming, grinding, spline rolling, keyway milling
12. Tooling Fully equipped tool room


Aroma Group of Companies are in a position to take up

  1. Supply of Pumps & Motors
  2. Supply of Components Contract
  3. Manufacturing Magnet Wires and Cables
  4. Pumps
  5. Motors
  6. Pipes
  7. Figs Tooling Fixtures for Stainless Steel Castings
  8. Wedge rolled shafts


Various industries which can use AROMA products

  1. Agriculture
  2. Hoticulture
  3. Housing Complex
  4. Construction Industry
  5. Animal Farms
  6. Mines, Engineering Industry Processors of Plastic Components
  7. Figs Tooling Fixtures for Stainless Steel Castings